18 million reasons to die: The Peter Hacket Chronicles

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Whilst the daughter slipped up on a bar stool and beckoned Averill toward her, her mother spoke to Gilbert who shook his head. A second or two later Gilbert joined Averill and he watched the older of the women furtively hurry to disappear through a wooden door at the back of the bar. It became abundantly clear to him that the assignment which he had been undertaking for Grimshaw had not been concluded. What happened next was as much of a shock and surprise to Hacket as it was to the customers inside the Bar Montero.

H , glanced up at the wall clock in his Thames House office. Though he had been awake at five that morning when he had taken the telephone call, he was not best pleased to drive through dark and pouring rain from his home in suburban Cobham, Surrey and into central London. He asked and looked around at the solemn faces in the room. Status please. She responded in surprise at being singled out as she was the most junior in the windowless room. A DI Gordon Summers arrived at seventeen hundred to where the Range Rover was on the hard shoulder two kilometres west of Heathrow airport. The incident report inventory lists twenty small aluminium cases, of which five were on the grass embankment and all which contained some printed adult material but mostly large denomination Euro notes in mint condition and strapped.

The estimated total cargo street value has been placed at one hundred thousand on the street. Lastly of course Sir, we have the yet unidentified female in the passenger seat but we still await the pathology and ballistics reports on what killed him. She replied and spread the grainy pictures which she held across the table top.

Howell mumbled.

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What about our tracker transmitters? So we have the Shoguns booking and boarding details right? Howell asked but his question was met with silence from those sat around the table. We do have details Sir.

Borneo Bloodline - the Peter Hacket chronicles

Jamison nervously said. Cash paid for fare but the address, phone number and named driver details that were used are fictitious. Howell shouted and then groaned behind the hands that he rolled over his mouth. What the fuck are we paying Border Control for, for fucks sake? Just divide this up however you want. Howell stated forcefully and after he had looked at each of the faces in turn he suddenly clapped his hands together.

Do I make myself bloody clear!? Apologies Lionel. Frederick Marsh said as he adjusted the bi-focals on the bridge of his nose. Marsh apologised again and sat down behind his desk.

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He said with a wave of a hand to indicate that Howell should take his visitors chair. Porno, bundles of counterfeit Euros, stiffs…. Ah, I see. Marsh said with a sigh and a smirk as he looked at Howell.

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Interesting these vehicle registration plates eh? Marsh mumbled and flicked through the papers. He we are. Yes, ballistics says the single bullet found in her gut was from a small calibre German or Austrian Mesh and… He began and paused after he had turned to the next page. Marsh explained and glanced up at Howell. Marsh said and slid a photograph over his desk. Ring any bells Lionel?


Howell said and slumped back into his chair. Ministers change Lionel. And memories are short concerning the detail and all that shit. He smirked as picked up his ringing desk phone. He shouted then listened as he stared at Howell rang. Keep me in the loop. He finally said as he clattered the handset down then leant forward and rested his forearms on his desk.

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Your transmitters in the Shogun cargo have finally come to rest Lionel. Howell suggested and inwardly sighed relief. Just maybe the family has moved from pornography into printing currency these days? Well Ruiz has since relocated to Miami and he always did have interests in that construction company group called Neubau. Maybe the business is in financial trouble like everybody. Ok and in the name of co-operation. Marsh said with reluctance.

From his near derelict, one bedroom flat located in Enfield north London he ran a freelance team of retreads, all ex-MI6 field operatives, and one or two, what where termed occasionals. These occasionals were engaged in the field to provide support to his retreads by intelligence gathering which mostly involved low risk undercover assignments. Marsh had been pragmatic at the time of time of the Government budgetary reforms in that the loss to the SIS of specialist skills would be detrimental to the Service.

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Eventually it was agreed that comprehensive training be offered for those remaining on the SIS payroll. The only compromise was that Grimshaw was sometimes presumed upon to take on board Agents from the SIS and second them to field operations where they would gain experience. For several weeks Grimshaw had had an occasional field operative in place at the Liberec International Bank headquarters in Vienna. Under the alias of Ivana Ibirika, Bernice Jane Peters, the unmarried, thirty eight year old blond was contracted in to monitor and report on any and all transactions conducted by the Neubau group of companies that passed through the Liberec bank, especially new and large deposits of Euros.

Her primary interest was to pass back intelligence that in any way identified a connection to the Ruiz organisation. At the time Marsh had leant on Grimshaw to place someone in post, especially so when a vacancy occurred in the Liberec operations room. Grimshaw believed he knew all there was to know about his occasional , as did the Liberec who checked into her background that he had fabricated.

It would be an error on both of their parts. As an occasional , the short legged, mousy blond had previously never been commissioned by Grimshaw to act in solo capacity and it was that mainly which had concerned Grimshaw at the start. However much Ibirika had made a contribution at first, the flow of intelligence from Vienna had come to almost a trickle.

ananerinfgab.tk Marsh had asked and rightly so since both he and Grimshaw had intel from their own sources that the Ruiz family was active. It had been Grimshaw that had telephoned Marsh during his meeting with Howell and based on limited intel from a, normally, reliable source, this would change events and the level of involvement.

What was finally agreed was an approach that satisfied Howell in that he would not only be kept involved but would provide one of his ambitious Agents first hand field exposure that she so wanted. Grimshaw was not so pleased and had to be convinced that the twenty eight year old Emma Richards seconded from MI5 to MI6 and then placed in his charge would actually be capable out on the grid for what was intended. On first meeting Grimshaw, Richards had been taken aback by the unkempt and poorly furnished London flat and certainly how much the retreads man, who few rarely met, wore his life on his sallow face.

Grimshaw however, he saw a confident, fresh, young attractive woman with long straight black hair and cavernous, dark brown eyes who was not as innocent as she first appeared. Richards retorted with a grin and Grimshaw roared with laughter. Grimshaw had said and held a hand up. Vodka, neat? So before you take a perch and we get down to business of your new identity, the drinks cabinet is to your right. He had replied with a smile.

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  • Now remember this is passive field operation, look, listen and learn.

    18 million reasons to die: The Peter Hacket Chronicles
    18 million reasons to die: The Peter Hacket Chronicles
    18 million reasons to die: The Peter Hacket Chronicles
    18 million reasons to die: The Peter Hacket Chronicles
    18 million reasons to die: The Peter Hacket Chronicles
    18 million reasons to die: The Peter Hacket Chronicles
    18 million reasons to die: The Peter Hacket Chronicles
    18 million reasons to die: The Peter Hacket Chronicles
    18 million reasons to die: The Peter Hacket Chronicles

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