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When Did I Become Afraid of Silence?

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The demons will leave the island because they see no man around. They have no one to play with for something coarse.

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In some of regencies, it is contested. The size, color, artistic and other ornaments are to contribute to the whole demon character image to be looked at by the jury as the criterions to win the contest. It also occurred to Bugbug village in Karangasem regency on the 5th of February, The whole village only was shut down. Meals are served within restricted hours of operation. Lights at night are minimized. Experiencing the day of silence in the Island of Paradise Bali might be a memory in lifetime.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Categories Uncategorized. Ogoh-ogoh parade in Bali It is a day wholly dedicated to rest, staying in, turning off the lights and keeping quiet for 24 hours. Related posts. Love Festival Read more. How to spend your precious 10 hours in Bali?

Across My Silence Across My Silence
Across My Silence Across My Silence
Across My Silence Across My Silence
Across My Silence Across My Silence
Across My Silence Across My Silence
Across My Silence Across My Silence
Across My Silence Across My Silence
Across My Silence Across My Silence

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