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Re-group, Don’t Give up

Give yourself a toast when the first copy sells. Always notice and appreciate your wins. Scientific studies have shown that thinking positive, rather than focusing on obstacles or things yet undone, has an array of benefits, including improving our physical health and boosting our personal resources. Take a day or two to step away from the constant bustle and churn of influencer emails pitching no-fail keys to success. Start taking small steps today to achieve those goals and celebrate your wins every time you hit a mini-goal. Get instant access to our training course for authors to discover:.

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Multi-published author and journalist shares the step-by-step process to write nonfiction book like a pro. What gives? Stop Comparing Yourself to Others The first step to increasing both your success and your perception of your own success is to stop comparing yourself to others. Thank You for Signing Up! The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts.

What Is A Mindset?

Kate Sullivan. Kate Sullivan is an editor with experience in every aspect of the publishing industry, from editorial to marketing to cover and interior design. In her career, Kate has edited millions of words and helped dozens of bestselling, award-winning authors grow their careers and do what they love! Latest posts by Kate Sullivan see all. And they become afraid of making mistakes. They become afraid of tarnishing their image. If you become CEO of a company, say, at 45 or 55, can you suddenly find yourself falling into the same trap?

Manifestation Mindset: Rewire Your Mindset for Success

Many people have told me that when they were promoted into a prestigious position, they suddenly felt, now I have to have all the answers. Now, my period of growth is over. I have to be a fully mature person who knows everything. So yes, at any point, you can fall into that trap. In a growth mindset, challenges are exciting rather than threatening.

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And instead, ask what can I learn from this experience that can help me go forward next time? Will I look good? Will I live up to my reputation? So every time you feel yourself sinking into fixed mindset thinking, worrying about a challenge, feeling measured by a setback, worrying about the outcome rather than the process, try to slip yourself over into more growth mindset thinking. First of all, yes. A lot of companies hire people with great pedigree, straight A.

THE WINNING MENTALITY - Powerful Motivation 2017

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Mindset Maniacs

So what message should a manager or leader give to new recruits that would put them into more of a growth mindset? First, I think the message from the top is really important, that we value passion, dedication, growth, and learning, not genius.

Adjust Your Mindset for Success -

Fourth, we value process here, and we reward process. FM, a cyclone of unfocused energy, does not learn from feedback opportunities and appears frenetic, chaotic, and haphazard overall. GM is more organized and systematic and carefully considers all feedback.

What can account for such radical differences between two individuals so clearly matched? It turns out that FM and GM were prototypical participants in a very clever psychological experiment.

8 Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Mindset for Success

FM refers to those who approached the task with a fixed mind-set—the assumption that their abilities were innate and not subject to change. GM refers to those who approached the task with a growth mind-set—the belief that their ability level was nothing more than a snapshot in time and eminently changeable as they continued to learn and develop. Psychologist Carol Dweck argues that conditioning, beginning at a very young age, implicitly imposes a fixed mind-set. Through the associative processes of the automatic mind, these beliefs become forged with our identity. In other words, our mental model implicitly attributes performance—good or bad—to innate capabilities. We tend to think of capabilities such as problem solving, communication skills, and leadership as fixed and stable over time, hardwired by our genes. So, what is so wrong with that? Quite a bit, actually. This mental model is a proven recipe for suboptimal performance over the long term. It becomes especially problematic when individuals with a fixed mind-set suffer a setback or make a mistake. They automatically associate their disappointing performance with an immutable deficit in abilities. This can diminish their confidence and spark an escalating spiral of negative emotion as they compare themselves unfavorably with others.

More time spent in negative ideation means less time thinking about creative ways to improve performance Surprisingly, research shows that a fixed mind-set can also be detrimental when things are going well. Consequently, they select safer, less challenging routes where they can be assured of success, a pattern that further stagnates their growth. A leader with a growth mind-set is consciously aware that ability is not innate and unchangeable but instead a malleable quality that can continuously be augmented through practice and persistence.

In a growth mind-set, you pay conscious attention to cultivating abilities through continuous learning. You seek out new learning opportunities by pursuing challenging assignments instead of taking safer and easier routes

Get Your Mind-Set For Success Get Your Mind-Set For Success
Get Your Mind-Set For Success Get Your Mind-Set For Success
Get Your Mind-Set For Success Get Your Mind-Set For Success
Get Your Mind-Set For Success Get Your Mind-Set For Success
Get Your Mind-Set For Success Get Your Mind-Set For Success
Get Your Mind-Set For Success Get Your Mind-Set For Success
Get Your Mind-Set For Success Get Your Mind-Set For Success
Get Your Mind-Set For Success Get Your Mind-Set For Success
Get Your Mind-Set For Success

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