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And to wreak havoc on their enemies in. Tierney jerked toward the man, satisfied when the warden leapt back a foot in fear as though Tierney may be able to get through the bars. And ye English are the filthy dogs that gobble up our scraps. Tierney growled at the bastard, feeling half mad when he did so, but unable to stop. Before the warden raised his pummel, he knew the beating was coming, and he.

Lady Rosamond de Warenne daughter of John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey, swallowed down the fear that had risen in her throat. Her sister, Loretta, stood in her chamber in her nightrail, pulling the fabric taut to show the round swell of her belly. And her eyes, were blue pools of desperation. On any other occasion, perhaps the obvious conclusion to be drawn of a child soon to be had would be one in which a celebration was called for.

Rosamond gasped. The Earl of Lancaster. A child out of wedlock—with a. Oh God, Rosamond whispered. Aye, her fault, for Henry had certainly flirted with her, but where Rosamond had shunned his advances, Loretta had eagerly accepted them. A nunnery, where you can safely have the babe, and then, if you wish, you can. Loretta shook her head.

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Everyone will find out what has happened. I am shamed. I will be shunned. I shall be disowned and destitute. What if we divert attention from you? If it comes out that Lancaster has been ill using one of the de Warenne twins, I will take the blame for the affair.

I could not let you do that. A fact we. A trivial fact, never mind that, Rosamond said, knowing full well it was not a trivial fact at all. There was no way Rosamond was going to let her sister take the fall for her actions, as immoral and flawed as they were. Loretta was the weaker of the two of them. And any punishment their father would enact would only break her. Since they were old enough to toddle around and speak, Rosamond had cared for Loretta.

Giving her their bread first, helping her dress, letting her have the toys she chose. If either of them misbehaved, Rosamond took the blame for it, and if anyone teased or taunted Loretta, Rosamond let them have it. Just like she would now. We just have to figure out how to get you away from court before anyone notices. Loretta started to shake, and moved toward the bed to sit. Curling up into a ball, she laid down on her side. We will both go, and while at the abbey, you will have a calling to God and beg to remain.

Queen Isabella is ever pious and will. Rosamond was not in the least. In fact, quite the opposite.

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Rosamond woke to the sound of voices and footsteps. A scratchy cloth covered her head, blinding her to her surroundings.

Her panic was immediate and intense. Heart skipped a beat, belly knotted, throat closed. She lay on a cold, earthen floor.

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Tight ropes cut into her wrists and ankles. Sweat beaded on her brow, her spine, and every part of her, truly. This was fear-sweat. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Home Books Romance.

Save For Later. Create a List. Summary A woman abandoned, a Highlander starting a revolution. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Eliza Prologue Tower of London Tierney MacDougall had seen terrible things on the battlefield, but nothing compared to the bleakness of the prisoners in the Tower of London.

There came a clanking sound from outside the cell that Tierney was used to—the sound of the warden slapping his pummeling rod against the iron gates of their cells as he walked the corridor searching out who he would beat next. MacDougall, he shouted. Tierney glanced up from where he sat leaning against a wall, inconspicuous in a sea of bodies. MacDougall, the warden said again, slapping the iron. Son of Ewan MacDougall. And every time, he was beaten within an inch of his life. Stand, son of Ewan MacDougall. Or was he destined only to endure another beating?

Approach the door, the warden ordered, slapping the iron again. Dampness from being at the bottom of the Tower, or urine, vomit, maybe a mixture of it all. Arms up, you wastrel. Interestingly, early slasher films fulfill many of the requirements of a Gothic story.

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In any event, The Case Against Satan maps to a Gothic blueprint and updates it for the s reader, if not beyond. Russell gives us a sense of place redolent with tradition yet with cracking modern dialogue that was scandalous during its time ; a heroine in mortal peril; an iron-fisted father; and of course, a real mystery. Is supernatural evil at work in the world and does it have its claws in a young woman? Or are the priests merely confronted with the Dickensian banal evil?

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AVY: Hot damn. That sounds good! I will read it on your recommendation. Overall, in the latter book, I felt you were moving away somewhat from the cosmic horror-heaviness of your first two collections and your novel, The Croning.

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I grew up reading the classics, so my appreciation of the Gothic is deeply embedded. That may be more of the spine of my aesthetic than cosmic horror. Lately my conclusions have shifted. It has always been my intent to move forward with each new book, at least in some minor regard. I wrote those three books as a loose trilogy that is primarily an examination of cosmic horror traditions with forays into noir and occult modes.

The next collection landing in fall from JournalStone , Swift to Chase , veers much farther inward into psychological horror, slasher fiction, and earthy weirdness. Jeff VanderMeer recently went on a social media rant about feeling exhausted being lumped in with Lovecraft, and I have to admit what he said made some sense. I, for one, have been feeling that Lovecraft fatigue. LB: S ure, we are fatigued. Part of the job, however, is to know when to step away from the internet.

And, yep, it can be exasperating when reviewers and critics use shorthand to define your work. The hell of it is this: far better authors than Jeff VanderMeer or Laird Barron diligently toil with less notice than they deserve, so let us count our blessings. You want to compare me positively to one of the most famous authors in the English language?

Laird of Darkness Laird of Darkness
Laird of Darkness Laird of Darkness
Laird of Darkness Laird of Darkness
Laird of Darkness Laird of Darkness
Laird of Darkness Laird of Darkness
Laird of Darkness Laird of Darkness
Laird of Darkness Laird of Darkness

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