My Baby Boy (Mom/Son Ageplay, ABDL, Diapers, Bedwetting)

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Monokuma had established a killing game and already gotten two students killed because of it but What makes matters worse is that he had given up the killing game entirely and starts off fresh with a whole new game: Kubs and Karers! After a viral hemorrhage fever wipes out almost all of humanity, the remaining survivors gather themselves up and start trying to rebuild society; guided by either a blind girl named Chiaki or led by a controlling woman named Junko. As they grow stronger under their chosen leader, they soon learn they were all chosen to lead one final stand against good and evil, hope and despair-a stand not all of them will survive.

Tony learns about a young Peter by chance and for some unknown reason he ends up taking a liking to him and becoming friends with his guardians, May and Ben Parker. Eventually, he is tasked with caring for nearly-eight-year-old Peter for a week but when the situation tragically permanent, Tony has to pull himself together to be the man his friends saw in him rather than the man he sees in himself. Peter Parker has a good life.

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He has an Aunt that loves him more than anything and now a father-figure, Tony Stark, who would do anything to protect him. When Harry found Jackson, he was working in a seedy mens bar as an escort. Buying his services for one night changes both their lives forever and Jackson soon turns from timid sex worker into the Little he always was. Peter Parker is de-aged and goes to Tony Stark for help.

Some Superfamily and Domestic Avengers! His aunt wasn't able to take care of him but she visits. Peter just turned 4 years old, is a daddy's boy, and loves his cousins and uncles and aunts MCU Kids! Join the Superfamily's adventures in their adventures!

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Crisis on Infinite Earths looms ever closer, and Barry is fighting hard to be strong for the rest of his team. On the outside, he acts like he's okay, but his fear is catching up with him in a particularly embarrassing way. Iris is there to remind him that she loves him Look there just weren't any stories about The Flash that touched on this idea and I wanted one so I wrote it. Just a second ago Steve was fighting Wanda Maximoff then he wakes up to the crying of a baby monitor.

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Never mind the things in life that may change, for the love you have for your little boy will always remain. Top of Work Index. Adrien is now the owner of his father's company, Gabriel, and is trying to deal with his severe anxiety and depression. Some days he gets stuck in his car and can't bring himself to move.

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A stranger named, MommyMari, shows up to save him and he falls head over heels for her. Suddenly worried for his brother, Jason rushes off to Dick's apartment in the middle of the night, trying to think of some lie to get the acrobat out of Gotham long enough to get him help.

Okay so I have dutifully put every kink I may or may not write about in the tags so assist people in avoiding things they do not want to read.

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If anyone has recommendations, please let me know lmao. These are not full fics, more like little idea snippets. He gives them an ultimatum - they can die and go to heaven, or they can come back to life as an angel. Together, the brothers choose to be nestlings, and Castiel and Gabriel are more than happy to help. Castiel Novak loves his career. As one of the few pediatricians certified in Little Behavioral Medicine, he knows he's at the apex of his profession.

He loves getting to make a difference from 9-to 5 each day. He loves his professional conferences and contacts even more. When Kansas Social Services quite literally dumps an unclaimed, un-classified Little at his office, he finds himself at a crossroads he's not sure he's ready to face. He's a doctor, not a caretaker.

Or is he?

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In the year it was made know of their and other shifter communities along with other supernatural beings. Two years after humanity was slowly corralled into large populations about five thousand in Beacon County where large fences kept the people safe an enclosed. Treated fairly yet sequestered each ward must participate in the Ceridwen Ceremony. A ceremony that happens each year during the day of the full moon where the teens from ages twelve to eighteen run in the forest till captured by a werewolf and taken away to the other side of the ward.

No one knows what happens to the kids outside of the Wards. The kids are never seen again.

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  • My Baby Boy (Mom/Son Ageplay, ABDL, Diapers, Bedwetting).
  • My Baby Boy by Daily Diapers?
  • All they here are the sounds of new howls from the other side. After the Fall of Beacon, Blake was left scarred by the things she saw. Running away, she sought comfort under the protective eyes of her mother and father. Every night was interrupted by nightmares, with seemingly no end Lois Lane is little.

    She has rules, and she has routines, which help her function just like anyone else.

    My Baby Boy (Mom/Son Ageplay, ABDL, Diapers, Bedwetting) My Baby Boy (Mom/Son Ageplay, ABDL, Diapers, Bedwetting)
    My Baby Boy (Mom/Son Ageplay, ABDL, Diapers, Bedwetting) My Baby Boy (Mom/Son Ageplay, ABDL, Diapers, Bedwetting)
    My Baby Boy (Mom/Son Ageplay, ABDL, Diapers, Bedwetting) My Baby Boy (Mom/Son Ageplay, ABDL, Diapers, Bedwetting)
    My Baby Boy (Mom/Son Ageplay, ABDL, Diapers, Bedwetting) My Baby Boy (Mom/Son Ageplay, ABDL, Diapers, Bedwetting)
    My Baby Boy (Mom/Son Ageplay, ABDL, Diapers, Bedwetting) My Baby Boy (Mom/Son Ageplay, ABDL, Diapers, Bedwetting)

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