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Mostly it is all about the strategic maneuvers, confrontations, and violent conflicts this time around. Be forewarned that there is a lot of blood and guts and language and horrific actions here so the series is not for the squeamish or the faint of heart.

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If you can't get through the opening pages which has a young crew member cauterizing the end of her cut off arm with a blow torch then it is best to not continue. My Kindle edition was courtesy of Crown Publishing for review purposes. This just picks up where Contagious left off. A plot twist that I figured would happen, but just not that way. With the "converted" gaining strength in numbers and intelligence, it is only a matter of time before the world falls. All it takes is Patient Zero to make contact and all hell breaks loose.

After the loss of so many, it makes me wonder what a 3. Sep 28, Stefani marked it as to-read. I am going to die before this book comes out! First it was October, now it's January! Someone wake me up in January, I'm hibernating. I can't wait that long, really I can't. I'll blame the editors, it's always the editors On the plus side, I lurve the cover. Feb 07, Mike rated it liked it.

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I didn't go back and take a look at the previous two volumes before jumping into Pandemic ; a fact which made someone leery going into this novel. Needless to say spoilers for the first novel are ahead so consider yourselves warned. Montoya is unable to shake the guilt over the destruction of Detroit at the end of Contagious a notion compounded by her seeming addiction to following internet discussions about herself.

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Meanwhile, beneath Lake Michigan the final remnants of the Orbital lay waiting with the latest iteration of the virus that started the whole mess. Of course, an American fleet is working to investigate those remains and covert agents of another government are working to secure a bit of alien technology for themselves. Secrecy, greed, and an aggressive strain of bio-engineered alien virus make for a particularly vicious little pressure cooker. It isn't long before Montoya and Otto are called in for aid against a threat far more apocalyptic than anything they've faced before.

That isn't to say it's some kind of peaceful journey, not by any means, but there definite moments in the previous novels particularly involving Perry's struggle that had me legitimately squirming in my seat. The characters are certainly put through the wringer but there is more of a emotional and psychological element in play; no one has to cut part of themselves off or burn holes in their own body. While Sigler definitely keeps the pace up, and increases the stakes to a global level, there is a certain disconnect for me. While Sigler leans heavy on Margaret and Otto's relationship and its disintegration I didn't quite buy into it; we never really glimpse them as a couple and so the emotional impact of their struggle feels deadened.

Review: New books revisit the influenza pandemic of that killed millions

Sigler seems to enjoy picking out a character to be the physical and emotional punching bag of the story and this time out that laudable position falls on Cooper Mitchell's shoulders. Mitchell's salvage business plays an important role in accelerating the global destruction in the novel and over the course of the story Mitchell is the primary conduit through which readers witness the horrors wrought by the Orbital's final iteration on the virus. As such, Mitchell is also the person who experiences some of the worst aspects of the seeming apocalypse that quickly grips Chicago and the rest of the world and, if truth be told, I looked forward to his chapters a bit more than the other characters.

As the reader's "eyes on the ground" Mitchell's perspective is the one the features the nastiest of the nasty as we witness the horrors the virus transformed populace of Chicago enact Once scene in particular, in which Mitchell much prove that he belongs among the ranks of the converted, has a particularly visceral description of what he has to do in order to survive.

Maybe I'm a bit sick for liking these parts the best, but Sigler is really at his best at these moments and Mitchell's desperate fight for survival brings together a strong blend of tension, horror, and action that is hard to ignore. The focus, as the title indicates, is on the virus itself and its extraterrestrial origins is more window dressing than anything else. Needless to say that disappoints me a bit, as I was far too intrigued by Contagious ' brief glimpse of the "masterminds" behind it all.

I still give the series as a whole a strong recommendation particularly for fans of science thrillers who don't mine a bit of viscera in their action. Ehrlicherweise muss ich jedem Leser dieser Zeilen gleich zu Beginn sagen, dass sie von einem Fan geschrieben wurden. Doch ich hatte auch Angst. Ja, Dawsey hat mir gefehlt, sehr sogar, aber Sigler kann es auch ohne ihn. Sie kann einfach nicht verarbeiten, was geschehen ist und wie viele Menschen aufgrund ihrer Entscheidung ihr Leben lassen mussten.

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Da tritt Murray Longworth auf den Plan und dies kann nur eines bedeuten: Infiziert — Virulent — Pandemic beschreibt sehr gut, wohin sich diese Geschichte entwickelt hat. Im zweiten Band wird alles nochmals schlimmer, wesentlich mehr Menschen werden befallen und am Ende noch viel mehr sterben. In Band drei wird nun keine Person oder ein Land bedroht, sondern schlichtweg die ganze Welt. Das Ziel ist diesmal nicht auf ein Portal gerichtet, sondern schlichtweg auf Ausrottung. Seine Charaktere handeln menschlich und damit nicht immer nett und auch die eigenen engsten Protagonisten werden niemals geschont.

Der letzte Band bekommt lediglich keine volle Punktzahl, da mir der Anfang des Buches etwas zu gedehnt war und ich einfach jemanden mehr als arg vermisst habe. Obwohl… Aber nein, lest diese Geschichte selbst! Jan 10, Paul rated it it was amazing. Books one and two, Infected and Contagious, were suitably icky fast-paced horrific affairs and this new book promises more of the same.

The only real difference in this case? Sigler has ramped up the tension, the action and the gore to the max.

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Margaret Montoya and Clarence Otto both return in Pandemic. When we first meet her, Margaret is still suffering from the aftermath of the events at the end of Contagious. She was forced to make some horrible, but necessary, decisions and the repercussions of them are slowly destroying her. Agent Otto remains on hand as her able protector but the dynamic of their relationship has changed quite significantly. This change has direct implications as the plot continues to unfold.

Montoya is a fantastic protagonist, utterly driven to stop the infection but emotionally damaged. Her fragility is a fascinating counterpoint to the highly stressful situations she finds herself in. Like any good horror, things start off small but the initial, slow pace picks up pretty quickly.

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By the time you get to the second half of the novel, events are rattling along at break neck speed. The plot becomes a race against time. Once the alien disease properly begins to take hold, everything very swiftly descend into total chaos and society starts to breakdown. It always strikes me that this particular skill is the mark of an exceptional author, especially when it comes to the horror genre. In previous novels the author has lifted elements from social and mainstream media and included them in his various plots.

In this book Twitter plays an important part in proceedings. There are some clever ideas incorporated that never occurred to me before.

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  • Possibly you may have read Ancestor as well? If you have, can I suggest you keep your eyes peeled for a familiar face. You are always waiting for that delightful moment when the last shred of restraint disappears and things get chaotic. Part alien invasion, part cannibal holocaust with a liberal dose of SEAL based action thrown in for good measure.

    I sure hope so.

    PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1) PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1)
    PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1) PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1)
    PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1) PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1)
    PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1) PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1)
    PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1) PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1)
    PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1) PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1)
    PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1) PANDEMIC (The Second Holocaust Book 1)

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