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Version February Prepared by: Reviewed by: Ms. Sushma S. Account creation. To create a new account, visit the account signup page. You'll need to enter your email address and a verification word. Once you've done so. Suduku neko volume 2 no drm Sudoku-neko is a new concept: you solve a sudoku board while you guess who is the author of the cat quote! When doing that, don't forget you cat: he must be.

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Cecil, how much mois- ture is in each of these forms of bodily exhalation? Barbara Becker O K. The answer proved more challenging than you might think.

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Human flatus is made up primarily of carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, meth- ane and hydrogen, with small but often pungent quantities of hydrogen sulfide and other organic compounds in addi- tion. The volume of flatus varies widely based on diet, how much air you swal- low and how efficiently your gut bacte- ria digest what you eat and produce gas. However, while we found many stud- ies detailing the chemical composition of flatulence, none gave a value for water vapor.

Sometimes this was due to how the flatus was collected: Bubbling the gas into a flask of displacement solution inevitably means altering its moisture content. No matter — we have other re- sources. She gave me the look she always gives me. Nonetheless, she bent to her spreadsheets and prepared the fol- lowing analysis; 1. Calculatingthe water fraction, and multiplying the result times two people, we arrive at a total moisture output of about. But flatulence accounts for only part of the human contribution to ambient water vapor. Our bodies are made up of SO to 70 percent water, of which 5 to 10 percent is cycled through us every day.

A typical sedentary adult loses about milliliters of water per day through breath and 1, milliliters per day via insensible sweating, or close to a liter and a half all told. The total daily water contribution from their breath and sweat will be about three liters per day — about 75, times that produced by flatulence. Assuming the house is completely sealed, this will increase the relative humidity from 35 percent to almost 70 percent.

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So it's fair to say that, while flatulence makes no appreciable difference, breath plus sweat contributes significantly to the frost on your windows. Have you thought about getting double-glazed windows? Your house sounds like an energy sieve.

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A typical indoor cat might lose 45 milliliters of water per day through respiration and minor sweating, whereas a Labrador retriever might lose milliliters through breathing, panting and other sweating. A large dog in that same situation will increase the relative humidity of the house to more than 39 percent. This would increase the relative humidity of the house from the baseline 35 percent to more than 75 percent.

The contribution of flatus is negligible. Keep in mind that, in reality, houses leak a fair amount of moisture, and every time you open the door results in an ex- change of air, so the practical impact of all that exhaled water is much reduced. Remember also that I don't know your partner. Get a Bluetooth? Is that still a thing? This is Topher.

Could you pick up me and Jessica at St. I guess the teimis courts would be the best spot. Just be ready to roll, OK?


They had shared a sprawling, single-family home with any number of housemates, the whole bunch of whom seemed to be tight friends. Despite having driven these kids back and forth on their regular downtown flings for a couple of years, I could never pin down the precise number of tenants. When I first hooked up with these young folks, the appropriateness of their living arrangement was immediately evident.

It struck me as a way to ease the transition from college life to more inde- pendent, adult living, for both financial and social reasons. Their Spring Street pad was in many ways a continuation of dorm life, though they now all had jobs instead of classes. Plus, they always tipped well, which goes a long way with me. When I reached the college and pulled up to the tennis courts, I could see that all was not well with Topher. Even before he took the shotgun seat, I could sense he was fuming.

He was a jovial guy — burly and big-hearted — so it was a bit of a shock to witness him visibly angry.

neko the tail of the japanese cat Manual

Jessica, along with another couple I knew — Max and Eliza — climbed into the backseat. This weekend is our first official college reunion. It's five years now for a bunch of us.

Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM
Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM
Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM
Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM
Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM
Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM
Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM Suduku Neko - vol 1 (in English) - no DRM

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