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Also he fixes every thing he can around the house or has it done. The worse pain in the world is to feel one sided unconditional love and yet I cant hate him. Never was obsessive or unrequited. I love my boyfriend so very much. I think for both of us it is unconditional love. But I am not ready to move in with him. I love you Gary, my Marshmallow.

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I always will xxx. We are so lucky from have us considering we are the firsts ones from each other. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By Team LovePanky. Share Tweet Pin It. Love is a funny thing. And eventually, you will experience all these ten types of love if you choose to! Your partner loves you. You love you. Team LovePanky Flirt. Fall in Love.

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Your Guide to Better Love and Relationships Don't Miss this! A Rule Book of Doubts. Pin It Tweet Share. November 10, at am. June 12, at am. June 21, at pm. August 26, at pm. Brandy says:. September 7, at am.

Types of Love

October 5, at am. Sara says:.

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November 23, at am. Zaheer says:. January 3, at pm. Will says:. January 7, at am. Elodie says:. January 8, at pm. Deby says:.

January 22, at am. Anon says:. February 27, at pm. Alexa says:. March 7, at pm. Tarzan says:. March 27, at am. One could argue that this isn't actually a form of love at all. Infatuated love requires no commitment between partners, but the individuals involved have passion and desire for each other. They enjoy activities together, but are not in for a long-term relationship. Of course, it is possible for playful love to evolve into another form of love, even without sacrificing the passion.

Many close friendships display this kind of love. It involves a close connection in which two people care about each other and offer emotional support. Friends who also have commitment to one another but has no romantic passion also fall in this type.

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Sometimes romantic partners experience this type of love that involves caring and commitment but lacks passion. If you have fallen in love, then, you have experienced romantic love. This is characterized by both intimacy being emotionally close to each other and attraction whether physical, mental, or both.

It is the type of love that many people seem to seek out the most.

1. Infatuation

Successful romantic relationships depend on both partners feeling romantic love for each other. This type of love can also combine with commitment to create a stable, long-term relationship. Obsessive love is not healthy and often involves jealousy and controlling behavior. The person experiencing this may feel that they truly love the other person, but the object of their love often begins to see the unhealthy quality of this love and rejects them.

It is difficult to maintain a stable and happy relationships with obsessive love.

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Two people can make a commitment to one another without necessarily having intimacy or passion. I use it for the deep ardour, care and respect I have for my wife. But I will also call upon it to describe the unshakeable bonds of kinship and history I share with my family, and the connections and allegiances I have with close friends. Clearly, whatever love is, it spans a great deal of emotional and experiential territory.

He did so by studying other languages, in particular the classical lexicons of Greek and Latin, which boast a wealth of precise words describing specific kinds of love. Lee identified three primary forms of love. This analysis seems like a good start, but an incomplete one. My enquiry yielded hundreds of words from around 50 languages which of course leaves many languages still to be explored.

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  5. Some languages were particularly prolific in their lexical dexterity, especially Greek, which contributed the most words by far.

    The wrong kinds of love The wrong kinds of love
    The wrong kinds of love The wrong kinds of love
    The wrong kinds of love The wrong kinds of love
    The wrong kinds of love The wrong kinds of love
    The wrong kinds of love The wrong kinds of love
    The wrong kinds of love The wrong kinds of love
    The wrong kinds of love The wrong kinds of love

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