Twelve Dresses, One Star

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ADEWEL Women's Sexy Off Shoulder Multiple Dress Layered Party Cocktail Mini Dresses

Look around you, both inside and outside, and you'll see that shapes are everywhere - triangles, rectangles, circles, squares, diamonds, ovals, and more! Our world is full of things of all geometric shapes and sizes. Your creative child will love this design that dares to imagine - "What if I could turn my own shape creations could turn into the real thing? Kids love taking rectangles, squares, diamonds, and making them into complex pictures.

This design was created with a blend of geometry and artist imagination to turn a shape creation into a beautiful butterfly. Encourage curiosity of the world around you!

Since babies are scientific miracles, we have designed these baby bodysuits to celebrate the fun of science! Your budding genius will look adorable rocking our scientific threads! This set of three science-inspired baby bodysuits were designed with a love of discovery in mind! These super soft bodysuits are manufactured using organic cotton and organic, eco-friendly dyes. The soft feel and cute designs make them the perfect attire for your future researcher!

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The set includes one of each:. The yellow bodysuit features a dancing DNA all-over print design and red piping. Your baby will look inherently adorable! Your future scientist will look awesome in this turquoise bodysuit with white piping featuring a chemistry lab all-over print design. Celebrate a love of the lab! This bodysuit is white with red piping and is adorned with an atomic all-over print design. Ben Franklin said God created red wine to keep us happy. We designed this chemistry-inspired scarf to keep you fashionable. Resveratrol is the most popular of all Stilbenoids which are naturally produced by various plants including red grapes.

Girls’ Designer Clothes for Sizes 7-16

So, go ahead and enjoy your red all day long! We created this design to celebrate some of the amazing women who broke down gender barriers in science fields. Though women have made huge contributions to science from the earliest times, during the nineteenth century, women were excluded from most formal science education and science fields became very male-dominated.

We want to celebrate the amazing pioneers who gave huge enormous contributions to their respective science fields, in the process paving the way for the future generations of girls and women to pursue their passion for science. A hole new world! When massive stars collapse, black holes are created; these are jam-packed fields of mass with such a strong gravitational pull, not even light can escape. History was made in when scientist Dr. Katie Bouman processed the first ever image of a black hole within the galaxy M Be careful what you place within the pockets of this Black Hole dress - who knows how deep they go!

Note: This product is excluded from any discounts or promotions. If you are over the moon with lunar awe, it's time to phase in this out-of-this-world design. This Moon skirt is a simple but unique statement piece. To activate glow-in-the-dark ink, expose the garment to direct light for 20 minutes. Reach for the stars in this elegant, glowing, celestial skirt!

This black, astronomy-inspired skirt was designed to capture the magnificence of the stars at night. Losing your grip? Wishing you had additional appendages to get through your day? Ponder this deep mystery at your leisure, but be sure to get a pair before they escape your grasp! Discovering fossils and learning about ancient creatures has captivated the minds of humans for centuries.

Do you have a future paleontologist whose eyes light up when they learn about the creatures that used to walk the Earth? Do you dig dinosaurs? If the prehistoric world fascinates you, this is the dress for you! Show off your roaring style in this awesome, paleontology-inspired dress.

We will not 'Apollo-gize' for our love of all things space-related!

We created this astronomy-inspired design for those with curious, imaginative minds. CSM was one of two spacecrafts used by the United States Apollo program to successfully land the first men on the moon. Wearing it is sure to elicit complements that are out of this world. This bright, fun design is a great reminder to feel good about your day. Get ready to get happy! Start you baby off right with this science-inspired bodysuit set. Your future researcher will look smart wearing these adorable bodysuits.

They are the perfect attire to show off an early love of the lab! These white, short sleeve bodysuits feature piping on the sleeves and neckline. Available in m and m. This black, organic cotton, long sleeve, kids' dress features a round neckline with pockets. On a quest to rekindle your wardrobe? Add a bit of flare to your hoard with this dragon-inspired design! Popularly known as legendary fire-breathing reptiles of the skies, dragons are often depicted as fierce foes, and sometimes even gentle companions. If you strive to be the ruler of dragons, this Flying Dragon dress is a great place to start your journey!

This atomically elegant, super-soft jacket is functional for everyday wear in warm or cool weather.

This cardigan is the absolute perfect outerwear for any chemistry lover! The semi-translucent atoms design is printed on the fabric of this soft cardigan using a burnout technique which creates a delicate, elegant look. The jacket of the cardigan features deep, functional pockets! Available in adults size XS-5X.

B lack, organic cotton, short-sleeve adults' t-shirt features a glow-in-the-dark constellations design. Does your child want to land on the Moon… or Mars… or view the rings of Saturn from the moon Titan? This shirt will teach kids to reach for the stars, and beyond! This cotton shirt is designed to pay homage to the first moon landing by American astronauts. The tee is screen-printed with the Svaha representation of this iconic moment in history.


This shirt is especially meaningful to us since it was the original reason we started Svaha. Our founder, Jaya, designed this shirt for her daughter, Svaha, since no astronaut shirts were available for girls! Get ready to blast off in this astronaut t-shirt, guaranteed to inspire a fascination for space exploration!

Twelve Dresses, One Star Twelve Dresses, One Star
Twelve Dresses, One Star Twelve Dresses, One Star
Twelve Dresses, One Star Twelve Dresses, One Star
Twelve Dresses, One Star Twelve Dresses, One Star
Twelve Dresses, One Star Twelve Dresses, One Star
Twelve Dresses, One Star Twelve Dresses, One Star
Twelve Dresses, One Star Twelve Dresses, One Star
Twelve Dresses, One Star Twelve Dresses, One Star
Twelve Dresses, One Star Twelve Dresses, One Star

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