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Dnice40 More than 1 year ago It is better than his first and he has the courage to speak of the truth he lived.

Related Searches. The Amherst Protocol. Clayton Tucker and his colleagues at the Dallas Observer eagerly prepare to cover the anniversary Clayton Tucker and his colleagues at the Dallas Observer eagerly prepare to cover the anniversary of the first human heart transplant using a cloned heart. Versatility is the calling card of landscape timber. From Pecky Cedar to California Redwood, there are a variety of landscape timbers to choose from, making it easy for you to match your materials to your vision. Landscape timbers are a flexible and environmentally friendly alternative to rail road ties.

They come in all different sizes and can be cut to your exact specifications. They are a natural product making them easy to work with and giving you the opportunity to make unique cuts for added effect. Most landscape timbers are not structurally rated, so they are best suited for more decorative projects. Landscape timbers are naturally rot and insect resistant — which comes in handy for outdoor projects exposed to the elements.

Not all landscape timbers are created equal. Technically, any type of wood can be used for landscape projects, so choose your wood wisely. Pecky Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar are great for outdoor projects, as they are rot and insect resistant.

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Woods like Douglas Fir, however, will rot quickly once they are exposed to soil and water. Redwood and Cedar are unrivaled in beauty and usability, but costs can add up quickly. While they can be used as landscape timber as well, they are overkill for the cost-conscious. While many landscape timbers are resistant to rot, they are not as resistant as pressure-treated lumber or railroad ties.

If you are looking for a permanent structure that will last forever, treated wood is your best bet.

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Thanks for writing this article. Ideally, you want to talk to a few contractors who have installed both products to get a real sense of which one may be better for you. Siding products manufactured by LP are currently 20 years old.


They went into production in Prior to this, LP manufactured another siding product called LP Inner Seal, which had major problems, and was eventually discontinued after a major class action law suit against LP. The new Smartside siding has a completely different formulation that the Inner Seal and has not had any of the problems that plagued its predecessor. Because over the past 20 years, Smart Side has been performing well across the US, it is continuing to grow in popularity as a good quality siding option.

By comparison, James Hardie has been manufacturing fiber cement siding in the US for years! During this time, the company has continued to invest into research to produce durable quality siding. As a result, Hardie is the most popular fiber cement brand in America. Thanks for sharing this great article.

Written in Cement : Curb Verses

I want to say details about LP siding. LP SmartSide came into the marketplace in with barely a blip on the radar. Why would you need to prime and paint an end that is getting sealed in a high quality caulking? More lies about LP settling the class action suit with Interseal, they did pay some but not near what their warranty claimed. Seems odd that no were in these articles does it mention it LP smart siding is structural and Hardy is not. And double the warranty Is also huge.

Plus no special cutting tools and no lawsuits because of silica inhalation that comes from the silica content of the cement board. Seems like just yesterday asbestos was very safe. And look what happened to that. Good study.

How to Build a Concrete Mow Strip for lawn and Garden

The one thing is the structural ability of Smart Trim and siding. Smart Siding also has holding integrity for Screwing gutters , Hardi siding and trim has no holding integrity for screws. Hardi Trim and siding does come in textured finishes. The article noted only smooth.

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Hardi requires special blades to cut the product. Its very heavy, breaks easily and shatters if nailed to close to the edge. Ive installed thousands of ft of both. I like both of them.

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I like the smart trim for more reasons, I just like fiber cement when it comes to rot and termites. Nice article. I primed all cuts before installation. Also, at that time I covered butt joints with a aluminum joint lap strip which reduced potential moisture intrusion. I like Hardiplank but am weighing the cost versus return on the value of the home. It is and older home I am re-siding from T to match the designs of newer homes in the neighborhood,. However, it was a spec-built house so I recognize the siding will only add a fixed percent to the resale value.

Perhaps that is true of the LP product but Hardie siding holds paint much longer. In we built a house on a hillside in western Oregon, facing the west. It received the brunt of wind, rain, snow, hail, you name it. The Hardie siding was painted once upon completion and we sold the house in which did not yet need paint. The wood trim on the house had to be repainted several times over the years but the siding never needed it. Average Siding Costs:. Low End. Mid Range. High End. See Costs in Your Area!

Written in Cement : Curb Verses Written in Cement : Curb Verses
Written in Cement : Curb Verses Written in Cement : Curb Verses
Written in Cement : Curb Verses Written in Cement : Curb Verses
Written in Cement : Curb Verses Written in Cement : Curb Verses
Written in Cement : Curb Verses Written in Cement : Curb Verses
Written in Cement : Curb Verses Written in Cement : Curb Verses

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